Donna Jean Fletcher

When I create my art, I want to make something beautiful that will bring harmony and peace, making people smile or laugh or just think.

The medium I work with most is acrylics, pencils & glitter!  I use these because it’s easy to do from my recliner, using wood, canvas, ceramics, and my husband’s woodcarvings.

I also like to use clay, pastel chalk, fiber art & stones because they feel good and I am a very tactile person.  I love working with multi-dimensional art.

I’m inspired by the things I see in nature, while window shopping, and memories. I use whatever medium I have on hand.

I consider myself an artist because people like what I produce. I have sold and given away many art projects, plus it makes me feel good!

For year, I helped people decorate their homes and taught them how to achieve piece and harmony with art, floral & decorating accessories. Making  art was the next natural progression.

I want people to see God’s peace in my artwork. I’m not educated in any art methods, I just keep at it until it looks and feels good to me. I want people to see that anyone can be an artist.